Pentecost 2024. The Salvation and Unity in Christ

In this transcript, we draw parallels between modern Christianity and the ancient events surrounding Tower of Babel construction and the Great Deluge, the sermon urges us to realize the divine saving grace that transcends time and space.

The primary focus of the sermon revolves around a fellow believer, Johnny, who received Christ and now stands to proclaim his faith before the community. His confessional serves as a testament to the transformative power of swinding faith and how it shapes the individual and the community.

In tracing back to the-time when mankind had built the Tower of Babel, the sermon highlights our inherent disobedience and sinful nature. However, it was through God’s divine intervention, mercy, and discipline that human speech was diversified, and mankind was dispersed over the face of the Earth. This incident served as a reminder of human ego and the consequences of disobedience.

The sermon further discusses the significance of God’s word that took the form of His son, Jesus Christ. Jesus’s self-sacrifice and resurrection were not only pivotal in atoning for mankind’s sins but also in upholding the promise of unity and salvation. Through Baptism, believers are invited into this divine truth, embraced by the spiritual cleansing that kills sinful nature and awakens a new life in Christ.

Turning its focus to modern times, the sermon emphasizes the struggle for unity persists, just as division and difference persist. But it posits that the ultimate unity can only be achieved through the acknowledgment and acceptance of Christ as our Savior. It further lays emphasis on the universal call for repentance and salvation that is promised in the name of Jesus to not just a select few but to every individual willing to accept His word.

Rounding off with the blessings and prayers for Johnny, the sermon underscores the importance of proclaiming the Gospel to extend the divine call to others. Believers are urged to spread the wonderful works of God, encouraging others to hear and respond to God’s divine call. The sermon concludes by reinforcing the ideal of unity in Christ which adheres us as one body, one spirit, irrespective of our diverse origins and individual differences.