Exaudi, 2024. Our Exemplary, True Mother

In celebration of Mother’s Day, this sermon transcript underscores the divine and radiant role of the church as our True Mother. Drawn from Galatians Chapter 4, it highlights the church as a celestial entity, married to Christ, dedicated to cherishing and bringing spiritual enlightenment to all of God’s children, and a boundless source of divine love and compassion.

From the moment of spiritual birth towards the journey of mature faith, the church, our True Mother, continues to guide and protect her children, showering them with a nurturing and steadfast divine love. The sermon emphasizes the Church’s resemblance to a caring mother as described in Isaiah 66 and Proverbs 31, who feeds, clothes, comforts, and educates her children towards wisdom and righteousness.

The transcript also signifies the transitioning role of the Church as it guides its children from their spiritual infancy to a stage where they can demonstrate their faith, becoming teachers and confessors, cementing their belief in Christ Jesus as was demonstrated through his crucifixion.

The sermon concludes by recognizing the crucial roles and responsibilities of various Church officers who play an integral part in ensuring the continuous spiritual growth of the Church’s children. It emphasizes the importance of unity within the Church and the valuable contributions of each member. Lastly, it leaves the congregation with an encouraging note to continue walking in the truth, signifying the pure joy it brings to the Church—their True Mother.