Rogate! “Pray Ye!”

In this sermon, we explore the key lesson of the power of prayer, demonstrating its importance in our Christian journey. Taking cues from the appointed psalm and our Old Testament lesson from the Book of Numbers, we examine instances in which people showed repentance for their sins against the Lord and Moses, leading Moses to intercede on their behalf.

We unravel the symbolism behind Moses setting a serpent on a pole to heal those afflicted, as a prefiguration of Jesus’s role as our Savior and Advocate through His crucifixion. We delve into the importance of faith in Jesus for our eternal lives, and the defining moment marked by His death on the cross that led to the forgiveness of our sins.

The sermon further emphasizes the Spirit gifted to us by Jesus, which empowers us to directly interact with God. It expounds on how we no longer need Jesus to pray for us since we can directly connect with God through Jesus. A demonstration follows to highlight the effective reading of scriptures in a prayerful state, providing insights into the past discouragements, assumptions, and lack of gratitude encountered by God’s people. We lay out a path of forgiveness, provision, and salvation, derived by genuinely comprehending God’s intentions.

We conclude by accentuating the significance of Jesus being lifted on the cross, much akin to the serpent on the pole by Moses, as our salvation in looking upon Him. The sermon ends with a profound discourse on the relevance of the Lord’s Prayer, other prayer forms, and how they serve to guide and offer solace in our faith journey. The ‘Collect for the Day’, as the combined prayer of the universal church, is given a special mention, reminding us of the power inherent in the united communion with God.

Creating a consistent pattern of prayer will not only strengthen our relationship with God, but also stands testament to a vital promise- what we ask in Jesus’ name would be provided unto us.