Cantate, 2024. “Go to Church.” A Sermon on the Holy Spirit

In today’s sermon, inspired by Reverend Rolf Preuss, we delve into the Christian faith, the relationship with the Holy Spirit, and the necessity of regular church attendance. Discussed in six parts, the sermon illuminates the three desires that the Holy Spirit implants within us. It also unpacks the Trinity’s role in our faith and highlights the Holy Spirit’s part in confronting the world on matters of sin, righteousness, and judgement.

We explore the significance of attending church, emphasizing how the Holy Spirit calls, gathers, and enlightens us during each service. Emphasized is the need for the Holy Spirit in preserving our Christian faith and conviction throughout our lives. The sermon further highlights the role of the Holy Spirit in bringing Jesus to believers, asserting our need for the Savior’s atonement for our sins.

The sermon addresses the importance of attending a church that upholds truth teachings. We feel the urge to glean truth from God’s sacred texts, emphasizing the Holy Spirit’s role in sanctification and righteousness through the truth. The sermon punctuates the importance of maintaining the teachings of the Christian faith, discerning the spirit, and examining the voice of the church.

Lastly, the sermon urges parishioners to be attentive during church services, juxtaposing worldly teachings with the sacred truths heard in church. It underscores the importance of vigilance during services, and stresses the relevance of understanding the world’s errancy about sin, righteousness, and judgement. The worldview that clashes with the Christian faith are discussed, including beliefs around sin, righteousness and judgement.

The sermon concludes by affirming believers’ sainthood in God through Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection, and punctuates the power of Holy Spirit in comforting and fortifying the faithful through their earthly journey and into eternity.