Our History

In 1919, two Lutheran pastors from Nebraska, Rev. H. Kilness and Rev. G. Hendrickson visited the Gillette area and began holding Lutheran worship on occasion.  More regular worship was initiated by Rev. J. F. S. Her of Sheridan in 1922.  In 1925 Vicar E. H. Neben was assigned to the Gillette area and was followed by Vicar F. H. Coellner in 1927.  Their ministry included Rozet, Hilight, Thunder Basin and Arvada in addition to the Gillette community.

For about two years (1927-1929), there were no Lutheran services held in Gillette.  However, in the fall of 1929 Vicar N. F. Seebach arrived in Gillette and led a group to organize Trinity Lutheran Church on January 12, 1930.  The first resident pastor arrived in Gillette in June of 1930.  Rev. A. I. Bernathal began to hold regular worship in a house at 305 E. 2nd Street.  When Pastor Bernthal left, the Trinity mission was served by three ministers from Sheridan.  An active ladies organization established in 1934 kept the mission alive during the depression era.

After nine years without a pastor, Trinity welcomed Rev. W. R. Leininger in 1945.  The congregation was anxious to build a church and purchased a lot on the corner of Gillette and 5th Streets.  The small house on the lot became the parsonage.  The church edifice there was dedicated Sunday, April 24, 1949.  Twenty years of prayers and planning, along with much hard labor had built a house of worship.

After many years of growth and abundant blessings from the Lord, the congregation decided to construct a larger edifice to assist in the work of the Lord in Gillette.  After much planning, ground was broken for the new church on May 1, 1977.  Through the gracious blessings of the Lord, new Trinity was dedicated to the Lord on April 9, 1978.

The many prayers and much had work of many dedicated pastors, vicars and laymen have built Trinity Lutheran Church.  God has richly blessed Trinity through these people.  May our prayers be that God will give solid and permanent growth to Trinity in the future and our loving God will dwell among us and His blessings to continue to flow, forever.